Monday, August 24, 2009

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

ick.....and a new layout

ICK? Well the weather is gross outside. You know...Hot, sticky, overcast, rainy, sunny...the kind of summer day that mother nature can't make up her mind about. These are the kinds of days that affect me the most, with allergies and headaches. I just feel ick. Plus it didn't help that my youngest and I were up almost all night. Makes for the most unproductive day ever. Other things are making it an icky day too, but nothin that I can't handle.

I created a layout last night. It turned out ok..not my favoirte...but everyone else seems to love it, so I will share it here. It has a lot of paint on it.

On that note, I am off to work on my journal. Have a nice day, what's left of it.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Icebox pie.

This is a mini album that I made for my Sister and Brother in law. They were married this past July. I used a Maya Road chipboard album with some prima, making memories, smooches, ranger products..I just love how this turned out. The background is a pop can that I embossed and used alcohol ink on. The front and back is my favorite. I didn't bother posting the rest here, but if you want to see the pages, just look in my 2 peas gallery or Studio Calico gallery. I choose blue as there was a lot and I mean a lot of blue in the photo..not that it was the color of the wedding.

Moving on...the title. Here is my icebox pie. It looks good right? It is. I ended making two yesterday. The first was ended up in the trash. I had one little boy...age 3...names not to be mentioned, but beings with a J....he was busy trying toget my attention..saying mommy over and over, grabbing my leg and more. He does this when I am tryig to do something, like try a new recipe. In all this craziness, I grabbed baking soda instead of cornstarch the first time around and well....that was one of the most disgusting things I ever put in my mouth. Ick. Here is what the second one turned out to look like. Just thought I would share.

A nice tasty treat!

Sunday, August 9, 2009 it already over?

Boy did that go by fast. We went to church, early. Then the grocery store and we were home by 9:20am. I spent a lot of time in my scrap room. That does not always happen, so it was nice. I made one layout, but got to play for a long while. I sewed on my layout...and I tried something new. I used a pop can.

I cut off the ends and cut it open. On the colored side (this was a sprite can) I sanded it. Used alcohol ink...watermelon,citrus,sail boat blue. Then I embossed the metal with swiss dots by cuttlebug. Sanded some more. I applied perfect pearls to some of the dots and finally used a die cut to cut out the flowers. I used the cuttlebug, because I was not sure if my die cut machines, the slice and the circut could actually cut metal. (OnceI tried to cut grungeboard and that turned out badly. So when in doubt don't use the machines, I learned the hard way.)

Ok....I got off the subject a little....

Here is the layout.

Friday, August 7, 2009

A post without don't need them.

I am not a writer. Sometimes I wish I was. I wish that I could tell a story as colorful as the way some of you do. Well, I can't. Here is what my day is like with my 3 year old. First I was cleaning the bathroom, and my DD who is 4, was helping me. She was drying, the sinks, shower, cabinets and so on. Jackson, the 3 year old, wanted a rag too. I gave him one without thinking about it, as we were done with the batheroom and everything was put away. After a time I started smelling this really strong medicine smell. Of course I started looking for the source and I found it all right. Jackson, was standing in the shower naked(I will get to that in a minute) with the rag. He was "helping Mommy"....He had dumped half a bottle of selsun blue on the shower floor scrubbed it in really well. He apparently was not sure what to do after that, so he was standing there staring at the mess.

Shortly after that, he was walking around the house wearing Gigi's dress up barbie shoes. It was just a funny sight, watching him click across the kitchen floor.

So you are probably wondering why he is naked. I am trying and failing terribly with this whole potty training business. He has the pee down....but he prefers to poo in is pants. ICK! I was so frustrated I took away his clothes (only when we are home.) Of course he poos in the potty when he is naked. I am sure you all really want to here about this, but this is my life at the moment...this is my least favorite thing about motherhood.

The not so funny thing is that I discovered that he used the barbie house potty to pee in. My husband just found this to be very funny and I just don't see it that way. Sure it is a tiny potty and it makes the flushing sound when you flush...but ick.

THe other day he told me, "no talk, no potty, no boy boy, Me BABY!" Ack Ack Ack!! HOw am I supposed to deal with that?

If you have any helpful ideas on how to complete the potty all means tell me. My other two were so easy...I took away the diapers and after a couple of days they were good to go.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Documenting our vacation...

This Summer I drove to Chicago with my three kids. My Husband had to work so he stayed at home. I took photos, tons of photos everyday, except the second day. We were all tired of being in the car. After we returned home, I decided to make an album, (I will have to post the cover in the next post) and fill it with pages from our trip. The album turned out to be 12 x10. I was limited to the size box I had available at the time. So I cut my pages to that size, scrap the front and back, put in grommets so I can pop them into my album. I guess I should say the ablum has three rings to hold the pages. I don't have any page protectors...I am not terribly worried about that. Ha! Most of my pages are just in one big stack. That would be a whole post of it's own.

So here are the first three pages of my album. The third one, I made today. I wish you all could see them in real life, I could not get the camera to capture the look..I hope you know what I mean. Thanks for reading and looking. If you click on the photos, they will open up bigger in another window.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

A little bag...

I made this little bag and filled it with scrappy goodness for a friend. I know she doesn't read my I can post it here....Of course this is the back, the front looks really cool...but I got tired of taking photos...LOL

I used my circut to make the bag.